Scotiabank Giller Prize

Awarded annually in Canada to a Canadian author for the best novel or short story collection published in English.

275 items

Title Overview Format & Publisher Call Number
A Dream of A Woman
Book - 2021 Arsenal Pulp Press PLE
A Novel
Book - 2021 McClelland & Stewart BOW
Em Book - 2021 Random House Canada THU
Fight Night Book - 2021 Alfred A. Knopf Canada LPLW TOE
Glorious Frazzled Beings Book - 2021 Astoria LAL
Swimming Back to Trout River Book - 2021 Simon and Schuster Canada FEN
The Listeners Book - 2021 Harper Avenue, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishersLtd TAN
The Octopus Has Three Hearts
Short Stories
Book - 2021 Douglas & McIntyre ROS
The Son of the House Book - 2019 Dundurn Press ONY
The Strangers
A Novel
Book - 2021 Hamish Hamilton LPLW FN VER
We, Jane Book - 2021 Bookhug Press WAL
What Strange Paradise
A Novel
Book - 2021 McClelland & Stewart LPLW ELA
All I Ask Book - 2020 House of Anansi Press CRO
Butter Honey Pig Bread
A Novel
Book - 2020 Arsenal Pulp Press EKW
Clyde Fans
A Picture Novel
by Seth
Book - 2019 Drawn and Quarterly GN SET
A Novel
Book - 2020 Random House Canada LYO
Dominoes at the Crossroads Book - 2020 Esplanade Books KEL
Five Little Indians Book - 2020 Harper Perennial GOO
Here the Dark
A Novella and Stories
Book - 2020 Biblioasis BER
How to Pronounce Knife
Book - 2020 McClelland and Stewart THA
Indians on Vacation
A Novel
Book - 2020 HarperCollinsPublishersLtd LPLW KIN
Polar Vortex Book - 2020 Bookhug Press MOO
Ridgerunner Book - 2020 Anansi ADA
The Glass Hotel Book - 2020 HarperCollinsPublishersLtd. MAN
The Pull of the Stars
A Novel
Book - 2020 Harper Avenue DON
Watching You Without Me Book - 2019 Anansi COA
Days by Moonlight Book - 2019 Coach House Books ALE
Dream Sequence Book
Dual Citizens Book - 2019 House of Anansi Press Incorporated LPLW OHL
Frying Plantain
Book - 2019 Astoria REI
Greenwood Book - 2019 McClelland and Stewart CHR
Immigrant City
Book - 2019 HarperCollins Publishers Ltd BEZ
A Novel
Book - 2019 McClelland and Stewart PRI
Late Breaking Book - 2018 Biblioasis MIL
A Novel
Book - 2019 Vintage Canada WIL
Small Game Hunting at the Local Coward Gun Club Book - 2019 Anansi COL
The Innocents
A Novel
Book - 2019 Doubleday Canada CRU
The Testaments Book - 2019 McClelland and Stewart ATW
An Ocean of Minutes
A Novel
Book - 2018 Viking LIM
Beirut Hellfire Society
A Novel
Book - 2018 Alfred A. Knopf Canada HAG
French Exit
A Tragedy of Manners
Book - 2018 House of Anansi Press DEW
Jonny Appleseed
A Novel
Book - 2018 Arsenal Pulp Press FN WHI
Motherhood Book - 2018 Alfred A. Knopf Canada LPLW HET
Our Homesick Songs Book - 2018 Hamish Hamilton Canada HOO
Something for Everyone
Book - 2018 Anansi MOO
Songs for the Cold of Heart Book - 2012 QC Fiction DUP
Split Tooth Book - 2018 Viking TAG
Vi Book - 2018 Random House Canada LPLW THU
Washington Black
A Novel
Book - 2018 Patrick Crean Editions, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishersLtd EDU
Book - 2018 Biblioasis LPLW COO
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