Governor General's Literary Awards

A group of awards presented annually by the Governor-General and the Canada Council for the Arts for outstanding books in both English and French.

41 items

Title Overview Format & Publisher Call Number
The Junta of Happenstance Book
Norma Jeane Baker of Troy
A Version of Euripides's Helen
Book - 2019 New Directions Books 812.54 CAR
Holy Wild Book
Wayside Sang Book
On Not Losing My Father's Ashes in the Flood Book - 2016 A Buckrider Book LPLW 819.1 HAR
The Waking Comes Late Book - 2016 Anansi 819.1 HEI
My Shoes are Killing Me Book
Lake of Two Mountains Book - 2014 Brick Books 819.1 PAR
North End Love Songs Book - 2015 Muses' Company FN 819.1 VER
Monkey Ranch Book
Killdeer Book
Boxing the Compass Book
The Fly in Autumn Book
More to Keep Us Warm Book - 2007 ECW Press 819.1 SCH
All Our Wonder Unavenged Book
Stumbling in the Bloom Book
Processional Book
Short Journey Upriver Toward Oishida Book
Kill-site Book - 2003 McClelland & Stewart 819.1 LIL
Surrender Book
Execution Poems
The Black Acadian Tragedy of "George and Rue"
Book - 2001 Gaspereau Press 819.1 CLA
Another Gravity Book - 2000 McClelland & Stewart 819.1 MCK
Songs for Relinquishing the Earth Book - 1998 Brick Books 819.1 ZWI
White Stone
The Alice Poems
Book - 1998 Vehicule Press 819.1 BOL
Land to Light on Book - 1997 McClelland & Stewart 819.1 BRA
Apostrophes: Woman at a Piano Book
Voice Book - 1995 Coteau Books 819.1 SZU
Cantos from a Small Room Book
Forests of the Medieval World Book
Inventing the Hawk Book - 1992 McClelland & Stewart 819.1 CRO
Night Field
Book - 1991 McClelland & Stewart 819.1 MCK
No Time Book
The Word for Sand Book
Furious Book - 1988 Anansi 819.1 MOU
Afterworlds Book
The Collected Poems of Al Purdy, 1956-1968 Book - 1986 McClelland and Stewart 811.54 PUR
Waiting for Saskatchewan Book
Celestial Navigation Book
Settlements Book - 1983 McClelland and Stewart 811.54 DON
The Vision Tree: Selected Poems Book
The Collected Poems of F.R. Scott Book - 1981 McClelland and Stewart 819.1 SCO
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