National Outdoor Book Award

A group of awards presented annually in the U.S. to honor outdoor writing and publishing.

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Title Overview Format & Publisher Call Number
Adventures Among Ants
A Global Safari With A Cast of Trillions
Book - 2010 University of California Press 595.79615 M
An Entirely Synthetic Fish: How Rainbow Trout Beguiled America and Overran the World Book
Annapurna: First Conquest of an 8,000-meter Peak Book
Exploring Havasupai: A Guide to the Heart of the Grand Canyon Book
Kook: What Surfing Taught Me About Love, Life and Catching the Perfect Wave Book
Pilgrims of the Vertical: Yosemite Rock Climbers & Nature at Risk Book
Sport Climbing: From Top Rope to Redpoint, Techniques for Climbing Success Book
The Sound of A Wild Snail Eating Book - 2010 Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill 594.38 B
Tracks and Sign of Insects and Other Invertebrates: A Guide to North American Species Book
Every Living Thing
Man's Obsessive Quest to Catalog Life, From Nanobacteria to New Monkeys
Book - 2009 Collins 578.012 D
Girl on the Rocks: A Woman's Guide to Climbing with Strength, Grace and Courage Book
Guide to the Green and Yampa Rivers in Dinosaur National Monument Book
Halfway to Heaven
My White-knuckled and Knuckle-headed Quest for the Rocky Mountain High
Book - 2009 Free Press 796.52209788 O
Kayak: The New Frontier Book
Our Living Earth Book
Peterson Field Guide to Birds of North America Book - 2008 Houghton Mifflin Co. 598.097 P
Whistling Wings Book
Wilderness Warrior: Theodore Roosevelt and the Crusade for America Book
Birds of Peru Book
Fallen Giants
A History of Himalayan Mountaineering From the Age of Empire to the Age of Extremes
Book - 2008 Yale University Press 796.522095496 I
Florida Keys Paddling Atlas Book
Forget Me Not
A Memoir
Book - 2008 Mountaineers Books 796.522 LOW
Grand Obsession: Harvey Butchart and the Exploration of the Grand Canyon Book
Road Bike Maintenance Book
The American Chestnut: The Life, Death, and Rebirth of a Perfect Tree Book
The Great Lakes
The Natural History of A Changing Region
Book - 2007 Greystone Books 508.77 G
The Last Polar Bear: Facing the Truth of a Warming World Book
The Pole Book - 2008 Puffin Canada J WAL
Through the Grand Canyon from Wyoming to Mexico Book
A Natural History of North American Trees Book
Backcast: Fatherhood, Fly-fishing, and a River Journey Through the Heart of Alaska Book
Birds of Northern South America: An Identification Guide Book
Blue Horizons: Dispatches from Distant Seas Book
Condors in Canyon Country: The Return of the California Condor to the Grand Canyon Region Book
Forever on the Mountain: The Truth Behind One of Mountaineering's Most Controversial and Mysterious Disasters Book
Guide to the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon Book
Peak Book - 2008 Harcourt Children's Books YA SMI
Sky Time in Gray's River: Living for Keeps in a Forgotten Place Book
The Complete Mountain Biking Manual Book - 2007 Rugged Mountain Press McGraw-Hill LPLW 796.63 B
The Very Hard Way: Bert Loper and the Colorado River Book
White Paradise: Journeys to the North Pole Book
Being Caribou
Five Months on Foot With An Arctic Herd
Book - 2006 McClelland & Stewart 599.658156809798 H
Caterpillars of Eastern North America Book
Condor: To the Brink and Back Book
Extreme Kids: How to Connect With Your children Through Today's Extreme ('and Not So Extreme) Outdoor Sports Book
Gaia Girls Enter the Earth Book
Illustrated Atlas of the Himalaya Book
Kelly of Hazel Ridge Book
Life in the Undergrowth Book
Sleeping Island: A Journey to the Edge of the Barrens Book
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