Left Behind

Left Behind

The Movie

DVD - 2000
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LoganLib_darsh Nov 19, 2017

A good film adaption to the best seller book series of the same name. Kurt Cameron does a fine job in acting as the main character.

Sep 02, 2015

More entertaining are
“Kiss My Left Behind”
by Earl Lee
published by Aventine Press 2003 pbk ISBN-10: 1593301065 ISBN-13: 978-1593301064
and, by the same author
“Kiss My Left Behind 2: the Tribulation farce”
published by Outskirts Press 2004 pbk ISBN-10: 1932672214 ISBN-13: 978-1932672213
and, don’t miss . . .
“How to Profit From the Coming Rapture: Getting Ahead When You're Left Behind”
by Steve Levy and Evie Levy (“authors”) and, Barbara Davilman (editor), and Ellis Weiner (narrator)

LRS1969 Sep 02, 2015

I noted (with some humor) that one of the "Subject Headings" was "Fantasy Fiction".


That definitely fits!

As found in a formal review site for movies (referencing this movie as well as all the ones in the series):

At the time of its release, "Left Behind: The Movie" was the most expensive Christian film ever made.

It received mostly negative reviews from critics and had a mediocre box office run.

All three films were criticized for their low production quality.

LRS1969 Sep 02, 2015

Lousy acting.

Implausible plot.

Even scripturally incorrect.

Exceptionally poor.

Would highly NOT recommend!

77desiree Sep 01, 2015


Jan 19, 2014

AMAZING!!! I thought it was very descriptive and realistic. I think the movie got a very good message out. :)

Apr 11, 2013

I am a strong Catholic and don't believe in the "Rapture" So in conclusion, I didn't really enjoy. Cheesy acting to.

Aug 03, 2012

Good fiction, but not scripturally sound.

dfant777 Apr 09, 2012

The movie great. The message is the most important one along with our precious LORD and savior JESUS Christ. Never mind your opinion on the budget.

Jan 07, 2012

Lousy acting. I didn't like it at all.

Dec 12, 2011

Great movie, great message, low budget and quality but it makes you think about where we are at in our faith. There are three movies to this trilogy, and I enjoyed all of them. I recommend this movie.

Apr 28, 2011

this is a great movie and it has a great message to it and I really liked it and I hope u will too

Mar 01, 2011

it was a terrible movie.

Feb 28, 2011

While the movie is low-budget the message still reigns loud and clear. It is a good movie to watch however if you're like some who can't get past the cheesiness that often is linked to low-budget films move on to the next. The books are also a great read if you ever get the chance. Fully worth the time

Jan 02, 2011

HORRIBLE! one of the worst pieces of crap. i couldn't even get past 20 minutes.. it really IS that bad.

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