The Lake of Dreams

The Lake of Dreams

Book - 2011
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Feb 23, 2019

WOW! This book is amazing! It is one of those rare books that is so compelling to read, the ending is sad because the reading is at a conclusion. This book is lovely, lyrical and moving without resorting to cheap tear-jerking tricks.
This book is like a complex person: an onion of deepening layers, but this has a grounding core. I looked up many topics I was unfamiliar with and found many were grounded in truth including the rare white Seneca deer. I would love to share this with a mature audience who could relate to its themes of history, inter-generational relations, art, nature, and mysticism.
Kim Edwards is best known for her book, The Memory Keeper's Daughter, but I so preferred the short story collection The Secrets of a Fire King, that I bought it to read to my husband.
Kim Edwards is now my favorite current fiction author. I am glad she kept growing as a writer after her bestselling Memory Keeper's Daughter.

This story really drew me in, despite being slow moving with lengthy descriptive passages. Lucy Jarrett returns to her family home to help out when her mother is injured, and learns that her mother is ready to sell the big old house on the lake and her brother is getting involved with their uncle in a housing development on the land. Lucy finds some old papers & needlework that suggest a link with the early suffragette movement in New York. She searches her family history for the story behind these items, exposing painful family secrets. The life story of an ancestor named Rose inspires Lucy to let go of her own past, make peace with her family, and move on with her life. (submitted by LL)

Sep 14, 2016

Really good read. Complicated beginning but good story line and women' history.

Mar 22, 2015

Complicated story, but well tied together in the end - with some twists I did not even anticipate.
Thought-provoking story about what a woman learns from, and how she becomes inspired by, researching bits of her local history until the story of the past unfolds itself.
I wish I had noticed the Family Tree near the back of the book sooner; it might've helped me sort out who's who in the early pages when we don't know the characters enough to remember them yet (or maybe it's just my brain fog that made that difficult for me!).

Jun 27, 2014

This book made me wonder about my ancestry. Also made me realize that I need to be more appreciative of my country's history. Sometimes we just take advantage of it.

Jun 17, 2013

The Angus Glen book club read this book and there was mixed reviews. Half finished the book, the other half did not. The story line was good with strong characters and a tied up happy ending. In parts it was a little too wordy and could have been shortened. The themes of family, family history, sufferage, the enivornment and love made the story good. A great follow up to the author's first novel "Memory keeper's daughter".

Sep 07, 2012

I rthought it was really well done and enjoyied wit immensly

unbeweaveableNB Jun 18, 2012

A good read. Not a page turner for me, but I did enjoy the mystery that needed to be solved. That kept me reading until the end.

Apr 25, 2012

Enjoyed. Family mystery and tale of small town . Catalogue comments do a good job.

Dec 20, 2011

What a snore-fest. Edwards seems to love the descriptive phrase, when all I was really looking for was a story that grabbed me. I didn't find it.

I rarely give up on books, feeling that I owe it to the author to read to the end; I got to the midpoint of this one and felt I was wasting my time. I returned it to the library, unfinished.

ehbooklover Jul 25, 2011

Slow and steady, this book took a long time to grab me. Descriptive with a wonderfully normal protagonist. Themes of the book focus on families and all the complicated relationships and secrets that they entail, but environmentalism is also touched upon. A very satisfying ending.

rlbecker Jun 27, 2011

Put this on your list if you like a great story. This is well-written and nicely paced. It is a story that will be good for art historians, genealogists, stained-glass lovers, those who like family relationship stories, and small town people. It is a tale about family and includes intrigue, secrets, hopes and dreams, and environmentalism. It takes place in the finger lakes region of New York and just seems like a place you would like to visit. Highly recommended.

May 07, 2011

Excellent story teller ... well writen psychology ... quite facinating

zed33 Apr 13, 2011

Really good read. I thought it would get a little preachy when topics like environmental conservation and women's rights came up, but it didn't. This story made me think of my ancestors and the stories that may be in my family. I really enjoyed the lesson about the life you leave behind when you leave your childhood home and town.

Apr 12, 2011

Lucy returns home for a visit after a long time living abroad and faces conflict with her brother, uncle and mother. The separation from her boyfriend back in Japan and seeing an old flame cause conflict in her love life. Problem is, none of this conflict is interesting and Lucy is not a very likeable character. The only good part of this book is Lucy's search for a missing relative and Rose, the relative, is the most interesting person in the book. Boring.

Mar 29, 2011

A story of a young woman who stumbles upon an old family secret that changes the direction of her life. Interesting enough, but I thought it really dragged in several spots.

Jan 26, 2011

it looks good i cant wait to read it!!!

debwalker Dec 20, 2010

The story of a woman’s homecoming, a family secret, and the old house that holds the key to the true legacy of a family.

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