Agorafabulous! Dispatches From My Bedroom By Benincasa, Sara Book - 2012

This author is so funny on twitter and yet that doesn't necessarily make good reading. (Kelly Oxford is a good example - 140 characters is genius but 140 pages is manic.) In this case, once you start you see that yes, she is hilarious and although the very beginning starts with some of that manic voice that comedians who write books use, the pacing seems to slow down a bit to a perfect, confident tone. The story is amazing, but the way the author leads you through her issues and jumps through her decisions, resulting in a beautiful payoff is sincerely hard to put down. Endearing, rather than silly, which is very difficult to do with comedy mixed with self-inflicted tragedy.

I came away from this book feeling actually much better about myself. Don't you love it when that happens? When you close the last page and think, "I may make mistakes, but at least I didn't screw up THAT bad." And after it resonating in your thoughts for a few days, you come to a new respect for people and the battles nobody knows they are fighting. This is such a fascinating rendering of one person's journey to maturity. And into well-deserved success and most importantly, strong mental health.

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