The Night Wanderer
The Night Wanderer A Native Gothic Novel By Taylor, Drew Hayden Book - 2007

Set in rural Ontario’s lake region on a small reserve, this book is a YA page turner. This native gothic novel, by acclaimed Ojibwa author Drew Hayden Taylor, combines the sick thrill of vampires with native legends of horror, and situations so realistic that teens (and others) will identify with them immediately. Taylor writes about the hard issues for Aboriginal youth: racism, poverty, addictions and suicide, sexism, and losing their original language in a light, entertaining, and touching way. This is Tiffany Hunter’s story and she’s no shrinking violet. Feisty and strong, opinionated, but willing to learn, Tiffany forms a dangerous relationship with a terrifying vampire who comes to the reserve, and ends up teaching her about her people in the present and in the past in a way that no school teacher could. Tiffany learns that her own strength and sense of humour just might help her conquer suicidal despair and make some exciting life decisions. (submitted by LJ)

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