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1st CasePatterson, JamesBookON ORDER
1st CasePatterson, JamesLarge PrintLGPR PAT
1st CasePatterson, JamesTebbetts, ChriseBook
BlindsidePatterson, JamesBookLPLW PAT
BlindsidePatterson, JamesLarge PrintLGPR PAT
BlindsideMichael Bennett Series, Book 12Patterson, JamesBorn, James O.eBook
The 20th VictimPatterson, JamesBookON ORDER
HushPatterson, JamesBookLPLW PAT
HushPatterson, JamesLarge PrintON ORDER
The Summer HousePatterson, JamesBookPAT
Texas OutlawPatterson, JamesBookLPLW PAT
The Summer HousePatterson, JamesLarge PrintLGPR PAT
Texas OutlawPatterson, JamesLarge PrintLGPR PAT
The Summer HousePatterson, JamesDuBois, BrendaneBook
LostPatterson, JamesBookPAT
LostPatterson, JamesLarge PrintLGPR PAT
The LostPatterson, JamesBookYA PAT
The 20th VictimPatterson, JamesLarge PrintLGPR PAT
The 20th VictimWomen's Murder Club Series, Book 20Patterson, JamesPaetro, MaxineeBook
UnsolvedPatterson, JamesBookPAT
The River MurdersThrillersPatterson, JamesBookLPLW PAT
The River MurdersThrillersPatterson, JamesLarge PrintLGPR PAT
UnsolvedInvisible Series, Book 2Patterson, JamesEllis, DavideBook
Criss CrossPatterson, JamesBookLPLW PAT
Criss CrossPatterson, JamesLarge PrintLGPR PAT
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