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The Trial of Louis Riel

Justice and Mercy Denied : A Critical, Legal and Political Analysis

Goulet, George R. D.
Book, 1999

345.710231 G

Dinner for One

How Cooking in Paris Saved Me : A Memoir

Dacres, Sutanya
Book, 2022

306.893 DAC

Overthinking About You

Navigating Romantic Relationships When You Have Anxiety, OCD, And/or Depression

Raskin, Allison
Book, 2022

306.7 R

The Fourth Man

The Hunt for A KGB Spy at the Top of the CIA and the Rise of Putin's Russia

Baer, Robert
Book, 2022

327.1247 B

Harriet's Legacies

Race, Historical Memory, and Futures in Canada

Book, 2022

305.896071 H

The Answer Is You

A Guidebook to Creating A Life Full of Impact

Amouyel, Alex
Book, 2022

361.2 A


Williams, Heather DiLorenzo
Book, 2022


I Am A Killer

What Makes A Murderer, Their Shocking Stories in Their Own Words

Tipping, Danny
Book, 2022

LPLW 364.1523 T

The Ones We Let Down

Toxic Leadership Culture and Gender Integration in the Canadian Forces

Duval-Lantoine, Charlotte
Book, 2022

LPLW 355.00820971 D

Biographical Dictionary of Enslaved Black People in the Maritimes

Whitfield, Harvey Amani
Book, 2022

306.3620922715 W

Design for Belonging

How to Build Inclusion and Collaboration in your Communities

Wise, Susie
Book, 2022

305.568 W


A History of Where We All Come From

Book, 2022

304.8 M

Just Keep Buying

Proven Ways to Save Money and Build your Wealth

Maggiulli, Nick
Book, 2022

332.024 M

Buy Better, Consume Less

Create Real Environmental Change

Conway-Wood, Sian
Book, 2022

339.47 C

Chasing Baby

An Infertility Adventure

Trevenen, Morwenna
Book, 2022

362.198178 TRE

The Bullied Brain

Heal your Scars and Restore your Health

Fraser, Jennifer
Book, 2022

302.343 F

Corporate Rules

The Real World of Business Regulation in Canada : How Government Regulators Are Failing the Public Interest

Book, 2022

338.971 C

The True Crime File

Serial Killers, Famous Kidnappings, Great Cons, Survivors & Their Stories, Forensics, Oddities & Absurdities, Quotes & Quizzes

Book, 2022

364 T

How to Raise An Antiracist

Kendi, Ibram X.
Book, 2022

305.800973 K

Rehearsals for Living

Maynard, Robyn
Book, 2022

BKMB 306.0905 M

Freezing Order

A True Story of Russian Money Laundering, Murder, and Surviving Vladimir Putin's Wrath

Browder, Bill
Book, 2022

332.6092 BRO B


Three Lives. Two Deaths. One Story That Has to Be Told

Gerardot, Mark
Book, 2020

364.1523 GER

Let Me Be Frank

A Book About Women Who Dressed Like Men to Do Shit They Weren't Supposed to Do

Dawson, Tracy
Book, 2022

306.778 D

Riding the Lightning

A Year in the Life of A New York City Paramedic

Almojera, Anthony
Book, 2022

362.18 ALM

The Crime Book

Book, 2017

364.1 C

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